Amor e Miragres!
Songs and dances from medieval Galicia; joyful music recounting some extraordinary miracles of the Virgin Mary taken from Alfonso el Sabio's Cantigas de Santa Maria together with beautiful songs of love and longing from the Cantigas de amigo by the trobador Martin Codax. Readings taken from poetry by Alfonso set the scene and add a flavour of the time.
Portrait of a Medieval Woman
Abandoned lover, nagging wife or object of reverence - everything you ever wanted to know about medieval women. This programme includes music by women composers such as Beatriz, Countess of Dia and Burgwen, sister of St Godric; songs of the Sephardic Jews (traditionally sung by women) and readings by significant female characters.
A Calendar of Seasonal Pleasures
A month by month journey taken from illuminations in actual medieval calendars showing agricultural activities and festivities both sacred and secular. Celebratory music for the major feast days as well as songs for ploughing, drinking, battles and love, including the famous songs from the Middle Ages: Sumer is icumen in and Miri it is.
The Splendour of Tudor England
A programme encapsulating life under two great Tudor monarchs, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Brash ballads, intimate lute songs and stately dance music provide a taste of music for all occasions.
Music for Ferdinand and Isabella
The reign of Ferdinand and Isabella (1469-1516), which changed the course of Spanish history, saw a great flourishing of the arts as a result of the relative peace and prosperity which was established during this time, and also because of the direct patronage of the Catholic Monarchs themselves. Music from the 'Cancionero musical de Palacio', presented alongside readings from 'El Cortesano' by Luis de Milan.
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